Welcome to the Sports Astrologer website. I have been a professional Astrologer since 1971 starting out as a student, then instructor at Astrology Dynamics in Orlando. I moved to the northern Idaho, eastern Washington and lived in that area until 1983.  During that time I did the Astrology things such as consultations, classes and was a member of the AFA faculty in 1974 and 1976 conventions and wrote an article predicting a basketball season for then Washington State basketball coach, George Raveling. I also taught Astrology in adult evening classes at three different  Washington Community College Campuses  I began researching      astrological influences on the outcome of sporting events when I started studying Astrology. 

Through the years I've come to know sports as the largest living laboratory for testing Astrological theory. When I graduated from Florida State, I had a degree in Broadcasting and worked at radio stations from time to time to supplement the Astrology income. I moved to Reno, Nevada in 1983 and stayed there until 1998 when I moved to the Phoenix area.  During that time Astrology was somewhat         in the background as far as clients were concerned, but the sports research continued and while in Reno I wrote weekly football predictions for college and NFL games based on Mercury cycles in one of the gaming papers for five years. (Each year I had a winning record versus the betting line). I became a father while in Reno was a single dad when my son and I moved to Reno. A professional Astrology practice remained in the background as I needed a job that had medical insurance so I went to work for an Airline in Reno and transferred to the corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. The research continued.

In 2003 I was offered a position at NorthStar Astrological College in Scottsdale which I took. The owner of the college ran into unexpected challenges from a business partner and I was looking for work. After a stint with JP Morgan Chase, I wound up back at the airline. In the meantime the sports research continued  but with a new way of studying sports. Declinations were introduced to me by Darrell Harris, the Dean of  Students at NorthStar. Declinations have become so important in       my Astrology studies and teaching that I had to write a book.

Since retiring from the airlines I moved back to Florida. With more time, I have been able to do a lot of study on sports trends and cycles. The Mercury trends  aid in selecting game winners and the declinations are helpful in season projections.  Many of the declination                    discoveries  translates easily to the individual.  All throughout my Astrology quest, Spirituality has been an important facet of the Astrological rock.  Enjoy the website. You'll never know what will pop up.



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